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"DS Glitter Ltd. is a design company for brand building, graphic, packaging design and video productions.

Our creativity, efficiency and profound design experience make your ideas and products glow."

~ DS Glitter Ltd., Design Manager - Sam (the member of Hong Kong Design Association) ~





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"Inspiring Ideas and Creativity"

Our design services include custom logos, brochures, flyers, packaging, point of sales displays, booth design, trade show materials, posters, ads, online banners, restaurant menus and other marketing collateral.


Have a business idea you’re trying to bring to life? Our talented team carefully researches each business and industry in order to deliver the best possible results. At DS Glitter Ltd., we provide a wide range of graphic design services to help turn your vision into a reality. We’ll come up with engaging visuals and content in order to make your product or business pop and stand out.

DSG design_Kamford Company folder_modified.jpg


Whenever we take on a new project, we don’t stop till we understand the company’s character and vision through and through. This enables us to generate Brand Architecture solutions that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

We make it a point to know the ins and outs of both our client and their industry when coming up with new ideas. From the initial design concept to the final outcome, our team works hard towards effectively bringing our clients’ vision to life.

DSG_SPR NOPA 2018 Booth Design IMG_9530.jpg


Our team at DS Glitter Ltd. understands how important it is for clients to create a lasting visual impact, and our strategic and creative experts are committed to solving the most complex challenges in the world of graphic design. We are able to help place your brand one step ahead of the competition.

DSG 04_Cura 2021.jpg


When it comes to making a lasting impression with Booth Design, it’s crucial to use the right combination of images, graphics, colors, and product displays to create a stylish and visually appealing design that tells a story. We’re highly committed to visual quality as well as display productions which helps to draw more customers attentions from the attractive booth design.

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Who We’ve Worked With

SPR FIELD logo BW 800x800.png
Kamford logo 2 BW 800x800.png
Chews logo BW 800x800 copy.png
Kamford logo BW 800x800.png
Haenim logo BW 800x800.png
Finest Garden logo BW 800x800 .png
CareU Personal Store logo BW 800x800.png
Plibe logo BW 800x800.png
Frank n label logo BW 800x800.png
PenPenBo logo BW 800x800 copy.png
ChaChaBo logo BW 800x800 .png
Fruitmayor logo BW 800x800 copy copy cop
Eureka logo BW 800x800.png
Otim logo BW 800x800 copy.png
Nano logo 2 BW 800x800.png
Rica logo BW 800x800.png
TANO logo BW 800x800.png
Kin Yat logo BW 800x800.jpg
BY Food logo BW 800x800.png
Jmatek logo BW 800x800.png
Cura logo BW 800x800.png
UPL logo BW 800x800.png
Easy Pack logo BW 800x800.png
Skeeper logo BW 800x800.png
Nano Easy logo BW 800x800.png
SoeMac logo BW 800x800.png
LittleGrain logo BW 800x800.jpg
Da Zhong logo BW 800x800 copy.jpg
34 logo BW 800x800.jpg
KY Medical logo BW 800x800-Recovered.jpg
Hua Fang Edu logo BW 800x800.png


DS Glitter Ltd. 吉 立 光 設 計 顧 問 有 限 公 司

is your one-stop-shop for specialized graphic designs and visual media services. Whether you need a full brand redesign or just a new logo for your company, we listen to each individual client’s requests in order to fully understand what they’re looking for.


We’re dedicated to making our clients fall in love with our work. Through in-depth research, we explore all corners for creative possibilities in order to come up with the best use of all available options. Have a project in mind? Give us a call to set up an initial consultation today.

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